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Stationary and mobile energy storages

GBT GmbH, as operating company of GBLT Corp., conquers the worldwide market of stationary and mobile storage devices, worth USD 8.54 billion by 2023, combining lithium storage for battery power with a known brand name: AGFAPHOTO.

 The opportunity is massive… and virtually untapped.

  • Demand for batteries is dominated by consumer electronics today.
  • Several applications are “in the money” today.
    Main focus on: Backup power, Peak shaving, Renewables integration, Ancillary services, T&D deferral, and bulk storage.
  • Costs are set to come down meaningfully.
    Driven by increasing scale and manufacturing efficiencies, battery prices are set to halve over the next decade.
  • Technology performance has improved.
    Commercial Lithium-Ion batteries in are now being configured for up to 5.000 cycles, well above current norms.
  • The ecosystem is getting built.
    System integrators, developers, and software providers are increasingly focusing on building comprehensive battery management solutions for various applications across the grid.

LED Lighting technology

GBT GmbH also offers LED lighting products. A market which will expand to USD 110 billion until 2020. GBT enables the customer to retrofit existing light installations in warehouses, office-buildings, parking-lots, harbours, airports, schools and many more. Through the annual electricity cost savings, the investment in retrofitting and modification pays off after just a few years, since Avide / ENTAC products save up to 60% of electricity.

  • Consequently, in 2020 there will be a market potential for GBT in the light sector of 1.83 billion USD (total of 110 billion USD in 2020; 5% = 5.5 billion; GBT GmbH being present in approx. 1/3 of the markets)
  • As one-stop supplier, GBT GmbH is a brand alternative to the big three: Philips, Osram and GE.

Dr. Senst Healthcare Products

Dr. Senst ®, a division of GBT, entered the medical consumables market successfully in March 2020.

Personal Protective Care is becoming standard.
Global pandemics and environmental disasters are no longer black swan events and
consumers are more conscious when it comes to protecting themselves and their families from these risks.

In an entirely fragmented market, we are one of the first to market with a trusted brand and will expand within large retailers and distributers throughout the EU and North America.

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