Mobile Storage Systems

By using the latest technologies, the „mobile energy”-sector will advance to a „Game Changer” in the near future, as it creates complete new possibilities for all kind of outdoor & indoor activities. The eco-friendly Polaroid mobile outlet system is designed to keep your AC & DC devices powered while you’re enjoying life. With our energy sytems, you can charge and use your electronic devices every time & everywhere. Whether you’re climbing in the mountains, living in your RV while traveling the world or camping the woods. Polaroid mobile energy storages will keep you powered up and connected with your “mobile outlet”.


Residential Storage Systems

In view of the steadily increasing energy costs, the need for energy storage solutions for the private sector, as well as for small to medium-sized companies, is also increasing. The bigger the solar areas, the higher the independence from the energy supplier. With the innovative Polaroid residential energy storage products, which are produced and distributed exclusively by the GBT GmbH, you are always up to date with the latest technology and thus well prepared for the future.

Digital LED Displays

“Digital Outdoor Signs” for shopping areas, wall-mounted indoor LED displays at train stations or airports, or even SMD LED curtains for large events and conventions. Polaroid Digital Displays offers world-class technology, product diversity and world-class service.


GBT GmbH as the official licensee of Polaroid lighting products is expanding steadily and is already represented in Europe, Africa and Australia. Since the ban on the sale of light bulbs and the disadvantages of the energy saving lamp (for example, delay in switching on, harmful substances), the sale of LED lamps has been rising steadily. Polaroid LED Lighting is established in this billion dollar market with innovative products and promotes continuous development.


A strong brand from a reliable partner!
GBT GmbH, as a licensee of AgfaPhoto, produces and sells all types of batteries (Lithium, Alkaline, Heavy Duty & Batteries). Our battery quality is always at the highest level.

To ensure this status we constantly invest in

• extensive research and development
• strict quality control and control
• product safety



Whether chip-on-glass technology, the latest LED tubes, new battery chemical systems, or medical products (including hearing aid batteries and high quality latex gloves) – the innovations and trends come from factories of GBLT Corp. Using the same factories as the well-known A brand manufacturers, enable us to offer highest quality for a much more reasonable price.